…of Decoration Day, dermatology & delight…


Less known to most Canadians than November 11th’s Remembrance Day, today, in Canada, since June 2, 1890, is Decoration Day.

“Originally, the celebration served as a form of protest for veterans of the Battle of Ridge Way who felt that their contributions to the protection of Canada during the Fenian Raids were being overlooked by the government. The veterans placed decorations at the Canadian Volunteers Monument near Queen’s Park in Toronto on the anniversary of the battle. There were thirty thousand participants in 1891, the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Ridge Way, and up to fifty thousand watched the accompanying parade.This became an annual event, taking place on the weekend nearest the original date and accumulating more participants as further conflicts resulted in a larger body of Canadian veterans.[1] Participants included veterans of the Fenian Raids, the North-West Rebellion, the Second Boer War, and the First World War.”

Meanwhile, Vancouver’s waterfront convention centre gears up for the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology that will take place from June 8th-13th. Interestingly enough, the last Congress held in North America was in 1992.

In spite of today’s Vancouver rain, locals and visitors alike, cheers to a terrific Tuesday of delight!


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