…of light & melodious!…


Well it’s a fine final May Friday and weekend that will hopefully for all sing—jolly good June!!!

As Emily Carr‘s painting ‘Forest Light‘ makes headlines today, the Vancouver weather forecast for the weekend seems to say, indeed, our forests will shine!

Nothing so rare as a day in June,
the air so fine and the blossoms all blue.

The weather just perfect, the skies never gray
The bugs always buzzing and the tree’s seem to sway

The sun beats so warmly on the tenderness of my skin,
and the birds..they fly, far away in the wind,

June is the month that carries a tune,
it’s beautiful melody floats like a balloon.

-Danielle Owens


Cheers to a harmonious & marvellous May Friday & weekend—may it be a delightful preamble to a melodious June!!!


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