…of something & merry…


…”School dress codes have a valid purpose, officials say, as opposition grows louder”…”Poverty fighter or job killer? Alberta gambles on raising minimum wage to $15/hr”…” ‘I have nightmares about that frickin’ building’: A hardened Hollywood stunt expert on jumping from the CN Tower”…

Something about the filming of a promotional video for the PanAm Games in Toronto, saw a daredevil base jumping off Toronto’s famed CN Tower this week. Something that hadn’t been seen in the city for 35 years!

Something about the newly elected Alberta NDP government says they’re about to take the gamble of raising the province’s minimum wage to $ 15/hr on a sliding scale over 3 years.
Something about a ‘natural experiment’ economists say, anxious to see the various impacts of such a bold move!

Something about school administrators saying rules & regulations are not meant to ‘stifle creativity or be sexist’ but are put in place for safety reasons and to minimize harassment and bullying.

“The language in dress codes can be insulting to young women because they suggest they are “asking for it” and unable to think for themselves. They’re also insulting to young men because they suggest they have no control over their “raging hormones”, so say the critics.

Something about racist or hateful language on clothes too.

And so it goes…

Happy, Festive, Cheerful, Amusing, Lively, Lighthearted, Rollicking, Perky, Unconstrained, Vivacious, Zappy & Zippy sing:

Cheers to a merry merry Thursday!!!



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