….of pity & pride…


As Her Majesty attends another official State Opening of Parliament in London, UK today, and makes yet another Speech from the Throne, no doubt the city is abuzz with tourists & citizens alike, eager to here some of the plans for future prosperity in a United Kingdom.

Meanwhile……‘Only in Canada’ sings …”Ottawa hopes to keep lid on details of Saudi arms deal”…”Manitoba NDP turmoil sees some key staff members head for Alberta”…”Ugly no-holds-barred campaign ad war has begun, with public paying much of the cost”…

To that, many might quip—-‘Only in Canada, eh?!’—–pity!


As summer is about to take root in our country soon, there is much we can take pride in that finds visitors from around the world visiting here to taste, see & experience it!

Our unbeatable cottage country.
Our love of meat–especially bacon.
How seriously we take hockey.
Our currency.
We’re really sorry even if you run into us.
Our accents and distinct dialects.
Our ability to get sick and stay out of debt.
Our west coast’s one of the best climates & ski seasons of the world.
Our funny dispositions and ability to laugh at ourselves.
We’re a nation of acceptance.
Our vast wilderness.
Our mouth-watering culinary inventions.

(adapt. from CottageLife/J.Campbell)


Cheers to a favourable flavourful flavour full Wednesday!!!


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