…of pioneers & cornucopias of complaint…


As today’s google doodle celebrates what would have been the 64th birthday of the first American woman in space, the many 1sts for woman through the ages & that are yet to be can be remembered and anticipated with cheers and encouragement!


A ‘home sweet home’ tale by one of our local Vancouver newspaper columnists suggests that ‘to appreciate Vancouver, leave it!

“We take the quality of our air for granted”, “Our water”, “Our food”, “The grandeur of our landscape and the proximity to the natural world”. “The greenery, the sense of physical abundance, the confluence of the pristine wild and the managably urban: there may not be another place like it on Earth.”

Cheers to ‘home sweet home’ !!!

Meanwhile some of the rest of the day’s headlines read as a cornucopia of complaint!—-

…”Vancouver is mind ‘numbingly boring’, Economist magazine says”…”Circus cat detracts from the real work of MP’s”…”Common courtesy will prevent hostile lane mergers”…”Canadian companies slow to set targets for female directors”…”Farmer takes a bite out of tobacco industry with healthy chew alternative”…”Beware: 14 home features will boost your insurance costs”…

Cheers to a terrific ‘worry free’ Tuesday where happiness ‘steps up to meet you’ !!



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