…of squeamish, green, & in store…


As the google doodle honours 127 years of a ‘pioneering seismologist’ showing the Earth split in two with its molten core shining, what better wake up call that sings ‘seize the day’—be stirred lest ye be shaken!


…”Proposal for huge ski resort above Squamish provokes controversy”…”Half of Vancouver trips being done by walking cycling, transit: Officials”…”Nordstrom set to hire 1,000 people for its new Vancouver store”…

It seems some folks are squeamish in Squamish about a company proposal by the owners of the Vancouver Canucks to develop a 23 lifts, 124 ski trails ski resort with construction to get the go ahead in 2-3 years.

Naysayers are concerned that over the 20-25 years it takes to complete, the area primarily used by hikers, climbers and back country enthusiasts, would change significantly, not to mention the environmental impacts on waterways, forests, wildlife and fisheries. No doubt competition for Whistler would be of some concern also!

Apparently in Vancouver’s quest to go green, recent statistics show that trips by car are declining in the city and the milestone that half the trips within the city are being done by walking, cycling or public transit, has been reached. It seems many issues of cyclist safety and ‘road rage’ remain to be addressed….

Meanwhile, as American realtor Nordstrom gets set to enter the Canadian market with its new store in the former Sears & Eaton’s location at the south end of Pacific Centre at Robson & Granville Streets, they say they are setting out on May 19th to hire 1,000 people throughout June with the planned store opening in September.

Cheers to lots to get tired, hired & fired up about!!!

Whatever’s on the agenda for a 1st rate 2nd Wednesday in May, salut to a no queasy, no green with envy, enthusiastic ‘carpe diem’ kinda day that sings—can’t wait to see what’s in-store for me!!!



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