…of elections, common sense & java…


…”Energy industry braces for Alberta election results”…”Why do we need laws to enforce common sense?”…”Want sleek strong legs? Try these three yoga moves”…

As Prince Edward Islanders went to the polls yesterday and re-elected a Liberal government, Albertans will do the same today and if the pollsters have it right, a Conservative government after 40 some years may be on the way out.

All in a day’s politics & headlines in Canader- eh!!!…

It seems a sad state of affairs, requiring students with medical conditions to have their medications locked up in the principal’s office for safety reasons, contributed to the death of a student in Ontario.

While having an asthma attack, he could not use his inhaler as it was inaccessible to him under lock and key in the administration office.

Thanks be for legislation to mandate compassion and common sense in our schools over administrative convenience.
A concerning addendum to this tale to me is that the ‘school nurse’ in many schools seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird

Yoga has certainly gained much popularity among Vancouverites.

Not something I’ve tried yet, but many friends swear by it for their sense of well-being, strength and poise under stress.

How do you ‘get a leg up’ on your day?!…..

Java for starters is what I would say!…

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday of getting your moves on!…..Enjoy the grind!…



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