…of technology, milk & moms…


…”The 7 Best Moms in TV history”…”The power of dairy: Milk marketing’s reach has moved from school lunches onto sports fields”…”Few Canadian businesses ready for next wave of technology change, study says”…

‘Robotics & artificial intelligence’ they say, are the major advances in technology that Canadian businesses are weak in ‘awareness, innovation, agility & the ability to channel resources.’

It seems the Dairy Farmers of Canada in their quest to continue to promote the health benefits of consuming dairy products are expanding onto the sports fields with “branding at local competitions, outreach events aimed at children and a social-media campaign.”
Naysayers that question the tactic say that dairy isn’t the only source of of calcium and Vitamin D for a healthy lifestyle, lowered rates of hypertension and osteoporosis.
And so it goes, let’s just say, let knowledge be power!…

Do you have your favourite “TV mom”?!?!…

Seems June Cleaver from ‘Leave it to Beaver’, Roseanne Connor from ‘Roseanne’, & Shirley Partridge from ‘The Partridge Family’ are high in the running for a certain generation, not to be outdone by the likes of Modern Family’s Claire Dunphy, Carmela Soprano from the ‘Sopranos’ & Marge Simpson of ‘The Simpsons’…

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday of ‘quietude’ that whispers–mum’s the word!!!



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