…of mobile, drives & gestures…

A Prunus subhirtella rosea Cherry in bloomgoogmobile

…”Google’s ‘mobilegeddon’ will shake up search results”…”10 great scenic drives around the world that you’ve probably never heard of”…”Cherry trees are blossoming; it’s a thrilling time to be outside”…

Seemingly, the biggest internet change in two years “could see turmoil in search rankings as mobile-friendly sites take prime spots due to algorithm change.”

Cheers to (as they say), “after Tuesday, having a site that’s mobile friendly to smartphones and tablets will be key. Mobile friendly is the new hotness!”

Cheers to something about Road to the Isles In Scotland & Irohazaka Roads in Japan & Grimsel Pass in Switzerland, among others!!!

Jacobite Steam Train, crossing the Glenfinnan Viaductdrive2drive3

Indeed it’s a ’50 days of Easter’, ‘springtime’, ‘all things new’ season of transformation!

Is there anything new or different for you in your springtime days ahead?

…a move?, a job change?, changing circumstances?, different insights or ways of being?…

We can often be so busy and caught up in the treadmill of our day to day living, working, being that we sometimes give many of our routines little thought.

Recently, while observing oil spills & hockey playoffs, prolonged illnesses & sudden deaths, legal disputes & impending temporary relocations, I’ve seen alot of humanity “reaching out”.

Gestures large and small, sometimes very simple, yet profound.

Given & received.

Will there be ‘gesture by gesture’ in your week ahead?!…




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