…of ‘young’ & ‘old’ & calorific…


…”Ban on ‘small screaming children’puts Cape Breton restaurant at centre of tug-of-war over dining etiquette”…”Give back that cheap bus pass Gramps: senior citizenship should now start at 74, new research says”…”Some shop-bought sandwiches more calorific than burgers”…

All in a day’s headlines can be enough to give one a #TGIF April weekend thought of a weekend getaway that smiles–indulge!, imbibe!, scream!, sing!, live it up!!

British Columbia weather forecasts for the weekend shout ‘summery spring days’ ahead!!

Warm temperatures, blue skies, as the Irish like to say–time to dance with Patty O’Furniture!

Will you be…out on a seawall?…on the water?…along a hiking trail?…cycling?…watching hockey?…singin’ in a choir?…rustlin’ up some good eats?…

Spring has sprung! Enjoy your weekend!!

Your hair may be brushed, but your mind’s untidy.
You’ve had about seven hours of sleep since Friday.
No wonder you feel that lost sensation.
You’re sunk from a riot of relaxation.
~Ogden Nash, about weekends

How pleasant is Saturday night,
When I’ve tried all the week to be good,
And not spoke a word that was bad,
And obliged everyone that I could.
~Nancy Sproat


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