….of send & receive…


Well, today’s google doodle reminds us of the 155th anniversary of the first mail delivery by Pony Express! Here we are 155 years later and can send an email anywhere around the world at the push of a send button.

Cheers to who’da thunk it?!!!!….

…”Planned hospital move catches city off guard”…”Signs of life emerge on Vancouver’s once stagnant corner-Robson & Granville”…”Tapioca Culinary Comeback!”…

Interesting to note that the proposed relocation of Vancouver downtown’s St. Paul’s Hospital “catches city off guard.” Seems what with English bay oil spills and stalled social housing projects, there’s much that’s catching city officials by surprise these days. Hmmmm…..

We’ve been hearing for months about the much anticipated opening of Nordstrom’s coming September 17th to the old Sears/Eatons complex at Pacific Centre, but apparently the first tenants have already moved in this month to the newly reconfigured multi-purpose office & retail complex. New life with a Sony Pictures animation company soon to be joined by Microsoft & others in unique to Vancouver large floor plate, high ceilinged digs.

Viva la neighbourhood that also sings now too, the electronics future of shop is Best Buy…

Apparently history’s most loathed ‘school pudding’, hated by the older generation, widely unknown by the younger, milky tapioca pudding is making a culinary comeback!!…

“Tapioca is the perfect blank canvas; its capacity to hold colour, to absorb and release a burst of flavour and its versatile texture are exactly why chefs love it.”

Cheers to alrighty then!…

Whatever your terrific Tuesday delivers on a fine April day, may you be one who finds joy in the send & receive!!!

Good wishes!


Special delivery!



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