…of h2o, opportunity & transformation…


…”Drinking fountains vs. water bottles: Vancouver must decide”…”Canada ranked as sixth most socially advanced country”…”Emily Carr University unveils design for Great Northern Way campus”…

Apparently, the Vancouver Parks Board is currently considering, in the long run, what’s the best way to quench one’s thirst. An exclusive contract with Coca-Cola for bottled water at Parks Board concessions is under re-consideration. It seems it’s more about ‘choice‘ rather than ‘green concern’ initiatives as Vancouverites & tourists alike have shown great habits when it comes to water bottle recycling.

Cheers to hydrating among the hydrangeas!!!hydrangeasp

Apparently, we ‘Canucks’ are blessed to be among the most advanced countries for providing opportunities for our citizens though we have “room for improvement in areas such as environmental sustainability and obesity rates.”

Doesn’t that just sing—have another donut!?!donut1donut2

A well known upcoming change for Vancouver’s beloved Granville Island, –the relocation of Emily Carr University to a new campus on Great Northern Way will change the island significantly in 2017. New campus design plans were announced yesterday & “the plan is to create a flexible, futuristic and collaborative experience for Emily Carr’s students, and a space that will serve as a crossroads between East Vancouver and the rest of the city, as well as the university and the public – and become a catalyst in reshaping the area known as The Flats.”


One can only wonder how the ‘move’ might also transform Granville Island!…

Well the ‘twitterverse’ likes to refer to this as ‘#ThrowbackThursday’ or ‘#ThirstyThursday’ so to tie this all up together I’ll just wish y’all a thrilling day that has you singin’—thanks be!!!



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