…of ‘it seems’…


…”Canadians slow to switch to online purchase & delivery”…”UK inflation hits zero for first time on record”…”Why are fewer people becoming Canadians?”…

It seems Canadians general proximity to the USA border is to blame for comparatively low levels of online shopping than in other countries.

It seems “falling food & petrol prices” has the UK inflation measure at its lowest since records began in 1989.

It seems “new rules & fees appear to be raising barriers to becoming Canadian, with rates dropping from 79% to 26% between 2000 & 2008 newcomers.” Apparently, this is turning canada into a country “where an increasing percentage of immigrants are likely to remain non-citizens while maintaining permanent resident status.”

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday of ‘it seems so’ & if all else fails, be grateful in the ‘hem & ha’ of your day for security in all things ‘seams sew”.

Tell a joke!—have a friend/colleague in stitches!…


Did you hear the one about the seamstress that was sew happy?!…

They were so annoyed with sewing they decided to take up cross stitch!

May the fabric of your day allow for a fine yarn!

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