..of a March Monday…


…”The great vanishing Putin: this isn’t the first time he’s disappeared”…”Are you an icon? Do you want to be one? Life in a desperate society of self-adulating narcissists”…”Here’s a retirement plan: don’t”…

All in a day’s headlines that kinda sorta maybe scream let’s lighten up if not just for a day!…

And so it goes…

Apparently, today, March 16th was the first day of the Bacchanalia in the Roman Empire.

Bacchanalia?, you say, yes that’s “a period of revelry to Bacchus, the Greco-Roman god of wine, freedom, intoxication and ecstasy.”

And tomorrow, March 17th, well,  after yesterday’s Vancouver Celtic Parade, we are all reminded that it will be St. Patrick’s Day.  A time to celebrate all things Irish, remain lighthearted & stay out of a ‘stew’ while indulging in a recipe of perhaps some finest of lamb.

Be it your own mini-Riverdance or a limerick or two, may smiles & laughter be yours on cue!

Today’s google doodle, of all things, honours a famed British botanists’ “haunting photographs” of British algae!


With 290 days left in 2015, this 75th day of the year, in all seriousness, take but a few minutes to read these for your Monday muse:

The Alpha Agora might boast, Of limericks cleaner than most, But when rhymers start cookin’ and nobody’s lookin’, They write stuff that nobody could post.

There was an odd fellow named Gus, Who, when travelling made such a fuss, Was banned from the train, Not allowed on a plane, And now travels only by bus.

A vicious young vandal named Vick devised and ingenious trick, From his mother’s best clock he extracted the lock, leaving only a lopsided tick.

I once took a Duchess to tea, She was tense as a person could be, Her rumblings abdominal were purely phenomenal and everyone thought it was me!

Roses can sometimes be red, And violets are generally blue, For it’s not in the rhyming but all in the timing, that makes a dumb limerick true.

Marvellous March Monday y’all !



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