..of trains, ‘fee fi fiddley i oh’, & pho…


…”Toronto’s Union-Pearson Express Airport train makes its media debut”…”Governments need to deliver big infrastructure projects honestly”…”Pho or Ramen, vote for your favourite noodles”…

Interesting to note that Toronto’s long awaited airport to downtown commuter train should be ready to go into service sometime this May for a one-way ride fare of $27.50 for the 25 minute ride that makes two stops.

Cheers to Vancouver’s been ahead at the game with YVR-downtown CanadaLine service at a fraction of Toronto’s proposed fare!

Speaking of mega infrastructure projects, now there’s an understatement if there ever was one!
Vancouverites know all too well of replacement roof projects & convention centres that
get built with budget line items of $70 million for ‘known unknowns’ that seemed at the time to raise nary a question.

Citizens and tourists in our fine city don’t have to look very far to find pho or ramen. New spots with fine offerings seem to be popping up everywhere at an ever increasing rate.

Do you have a favourite spot?


In the ‘fee fi fiddley i oh’ of your Tuesday, how about some fine pho ?!?!

Cheers to lots o’ singin’ in the kitchen!

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