…of seismic upgrades & acronyms…


…”Seismic upgrading of BC schools pushed back 10 years”…”OMG! Acronyms are confusing and annoying”…

As long as I can remember, the Vancouver School Board has had an ongoing program for seismic upgrading but it seems the target date of 2020 for completion at “high risk schools” has been pushed back to 2030 now, keeping children and school staff under the possibility of catastrophic risk.

Money and other priorities for it, the main issue. Not an easy juggling act.

A tale of a student’s Mom:

An 11-year-old showed me his science notebook this week and, pointing to a picture of the human body, said “That’s the CNS.”

“The what?”

“CNS. Central nervous system.”

I’m sure you’ve noticed some of that too!
I sure have.
Be it the CRA or the RBC, the BMO or the CIBC or the CBC the acronyms are everywhere!!….PWC, KPMG, EY & one can begin to quip why why why?…

The long & short of it is to all those around you—“don’t get short with me!”…


Cheers to a fine Friday & weekend and oh!….

TGIF !!!


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