…of sport & time & direction…


As the google doodle honours flatmap maker/cartographer & mathematician, Gerardus Mercator, we are reminded that it’s another new day of inifinite possibilities that can all add up to new directions!…


…”Restaurants starting to cater to an older crowd that wants a hip vibe–with less noise”…”Rink rage witnessed by most Canadians who have attended youth hockey games: poll”…”What business can learn from the National Ballet of Canada”…

Something about ‘selective acoustics’ is the new rage in consultations to have your restaurant performing at its best for wining & dining & profitability!…

A recent poll reveals 59% of those attending kids hockey games have witnessed inappropriate behaviour directed against a referee & 49% have seen berating of the kids on the ice too.
Seems it’s a serious issue, not only on the hockey rink but all too many parents often seem on edge at the soccer fields also from my own observations over the years.

Folks we need to chill & remember it’s sport!….learning & skill yes, but first & foremost, let’s just enjoy the game!

From the ice rink to the dance floor, wisdom abounds. The simplest of turns can just say to the entrepreneur in everyone—in your ‘managing’–“not only seek out the best talent but also institute policies that maximize performance!”

So there you have it for a Thursday in March that beckons a weekend where the times
they are a changin’!!

Yes, that’s right–spring forward Saturday night by putting your clocks ahead one hour!

Cheers to a Thursday that smiles—what a wonderful game, this game of life!

Performance maximized & colleagues–the best of talent!

A nickel for your thoughts?!, what’s that?!….let’s just say–your daylight savings!

Carpe diem!…with smiles to the max!

It’s the time of your life!



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