…of metamorphosis…


One doesn’t need to read many headlines or have the television news on very long before they start thinking how could things be different in our world?

What path are we going down?
Are we in the midst of a great ‘train wreck’?
Has it always been this way or is it just that life’s negatives get put in front of us from all directions?

I sometimes cringe at the stuff our news anchors need to read off the teleprompter, one story after the next without much to feel good about.

We read it, see it, hear it and in our own rudimentary ways, with a swift ‘alrighty then’ carry on with our day and our own immediate stresses and obligations and commitments.


It’s certainly evident in a big way in Vancouver at this moment. A great metamorphosis of nature all around us, blossoming, new growth, & blooms.

As the hours of daylight lengthen & sunny skies prevail, what might be something you can do to transform any negativity in your midst into positive and new light and life?

Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday that sings—shifting gears, switching it up, transformation–sensational!!



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