…of focus! focus! focus!…


…”Lunar New Year events continue throughout the weekend: Celebrate your inner yang”…”Doctor’s Rx for Winter: Take two islands and call me in the morning”…”Who Should Win & Who Will Win at Sunday’s 2015 Oscars”…

Goat, sheep or ram—weekend events include Sunday’s Chinatown Annual New Year Parade, “Celebration Central” at Richmond’s Aberdeen Centre, & LunarFest at the Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza.

Gong Hey Fat Choy!

As British Columbia revels in early spring like weather, other parts of the country are in the midst of full on winter freeze & snow & cold. Might a weekend getaway be their prescription for dealing with the cold?!…


Oh yes, it’s Academy Awards weekend again. Sunday the day of speeches & fashion & monologues & pundit verbiage.

It’s usually under an hour before I think to myself, enough already & the channel surfing begins.

Will the program get your attention? Will there be appys & libations & secret ballot voting with friends/family in your household?


Whatever your lineup for a fine February Friday and weekend might be, cheers to warmth & comforts, familiar & new, and your undivided attention!!

Focus! Focus! Focus! shouts—good times!!!



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