…of charge & sneeze…


Nothing like a fine start to the tales of positive & negative to see google ‘light up’ the day honouring inventor of the battery–Alessandro Volta!!

Forefather of the modern day battery smiles—charge!!

…”Five Vancouver Island Parents Banned From Kids’ games for abusing refs, players”…”BC Beagle is the Top Dog of the 139th Westminster Dog Show”…”Early annual cherry blossoms send annual signal–it’s time to smile!”…

So there you have it for an ‘Ash Wednesday‘ & a ‘Lunar New Year’s Eve‘ a bevy of headlines that howl & bark–forgive me! top of my game! & grin spring has sprung!

Cheers to an annoyance free day–let nothing ‘get your goat!’…

And whilst remembering ‘to dust we shall all return’, for now, be energized!–there is beauty all around that is nothing to sneeze at!


Wonderful Wednesday!


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