…of flapjacks & flippant…


As the Lunar New Year is about to dawn, it’s Shrove or ‘Pancake’ Tuesday also!

Will pancakes be on your menu sometime today?!?!…

Use up all your eggs, milk & sugar before the fasting of Lent, was the origin of this tradition, as Lent commences with tomorrow’s ‘Ash Wednesday’.

Mix a Pancake

Mix a pancake,
Stir a pancake,
Pop it in the pan;
Fry the pancake,
Toss the pancake—
Catch it if you can.

Now that Pancake Day has come,
Flipping pancakes is such fun.

First crack eggs into a bowl;
Whisk them briskly for us all.

Sprinkle flour nice and white;
Add some milk to make it right.

Make the batter thick not runny;
Tasty pancakes for my tummy.

Cook it in a frying pan;
Flip and catch it if you can.

Flipping pancake’s on the floor;
Oops I missed: I’ll make some more.

Flipping pancakes, I have found
Less fun, second time around.

Never mind, let’s flip once more;
Flipping heck – it’s on the floor.

Third time lucky – hope it works;
Still that sinking feeling lurks.

Flip that pancake; yes- you’ve guessed:
On the floor with all the rest.

Flipping pancakes – what a pain.
Flipping pancakes; not again.

Flipping pancakes – go away;
Come again next Shrove Tuesday.
-Richard Miles

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday-lighthearted that has you (where appropriate) singin’—I’m being flippant!!!


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