…of date, mate, eight & trade…


…”Want a good job?: Forget the negative stereotypes and train for a trade”…”Who should pay on a first date?”…

Good news for young folks–they say BC is expected to have a million jobs to fill in the next seven years. Pipefitters, carpenters, welders & plumbers will be in high demand as “680,000 baby boomers retire by 2022”. Apparently there are calls too for the professions as well: accountants, architects, communicators, computer graduates, medical technicians, nurses and paralegals, to name a few.

Cheers to things most often have a way of working out!!..

Interesting to note that “a study of more than 17,000 singles found that almost half of the men said they would stop dating a woman who never contributed to dating expenses.”

That begs the question, is chivalry dead or is that old-fashioned thinking on my part?…

Something new to me today, is the South American tea called Mate from the yerba mate plant, commonly found in Argentina.

“Mate makes a delicious, boldly flavored tea that is traditionally consumed in a gourd with a filtered straw and shared among friends.”

This mid-month February Monday is Family Day in much of Canada. British Columbia for some unknown reason, has its annual Family Day holiday one week earlier than the rest of the land.

Whatever’s up for your day wherever you may be, cheers to a head start on getting out from behind the eight ball !!!


Winning ways fill your days!



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