…of road checks, shacked up & simplicity…


…”Expect longer delays than usual on Oak Street bridge due to a cellphone check near 64th Avenue”…

Now, that’s a new radio news report to me!

The impaired driving road check is one thing, but the cellphone check, that must be a new initiative within the city!

Must say, not a bad idea as there still seem to be a lot of folks on their phones while driving…..

…”Once unthinkable, common-law living is becoming the default for modern couples”…

“Things really changed in the ’70’s eased in by the mammoth sea changes of the ’60’s”, they say…

A new book out entitled “A Little Bit Married” describes ‘the now ubiquitous long-term monogamous non-matrimonial relationship.”

And so it goes…

…” ‘Less is more’ goes mainstream: The case for white space and why simplicity sells in an age of clutter “…

Clean, streamlined, minimal. Bare white walls. Sleek, modern.

A ‘less is more’ approach, they say, “offers a blank slate.”

Gender neutral. Modern. Just warm enough to be considered comforting instead of clinical.

“Life is cluttered, technology, phones, everything is non-stop. I think walking in to a space that is very simple but beautiful and eye-catching, it just helps to make you feel a little less tense and maybe a little more uplifted.”


Cheers to a Wednesday that sings—simplicity!!!



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