…of slippery slopes, robotics & ‘husbandry’…


…”Another BC ski resort halts operations due to lack of snow”…”Rise of the machines: Robotics poised to transform global manufacturing”…”How to be a modern day husband”…

Seems it’s Mt. Washington, Vancouver Island’s largest ski resort, that’s now had to say “we will reopen if nature cooperates.” They join Vancouver’s local Mt. Seymour & Cypress in the wait for snow…

Seems, according to a Boston think tank,that within a decade, “almost a quarter of automated tasks will be performed by robots, up from 10% today. In the near term for Canada, a sinking currency means imports of machinery and technology have become more expensive. But the loonie’s fall also makes this country’s exports more competitive – suggesting some opportunities for robotics makers.”

Seems, “the right to be worried about things, to be wrong & to be confused” are all characteristics of the 21st century husband–“part of staying ‘relevant’ when primary breadwinner is not necessarily on the resume.”

Cheers to the “equal opportunity worry wart”, “there’s a kind of weird dignity in that”, according to the author of a new book, “How to be a Husband”.

Whatever the slippery slopes present to you this terrific February Tuesday, may your responses be far from robotic & may you espouse true greatness!



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