…of dam, chew & wine…


…”BC Hydro bracing for rare February sub-tropical storms”…”Why We’re Chewing Less Gum & Toronto Is Losing Jobs”…”We’ve all heard of oomfort food;—time to try some comfort wines!”…

Interesting to note that the tendency for students & teens to opt for low-cost alternatives such as song downloads or apps is seeing less gum chewing in North America while another ‘pineapple express’ hitting our province today has Hydro authorities looking at dam management to prevent flooding.

One might quip–damn management, now that’s something to chew on!…

Whine–NOT!, they say, but find some comfort in comfort foods & wine!!

What makes for a comfort wine, you ask?!….“It’s not a technical category, like Burgundy or Port. Generally, though, it encompasses full-bodied wines with heartwarming alcohol, a snow-shovel’s load of fruit and – in the case of reds – a smooth chocolate character. A hint of smokiness or toasty oak can be welcome, too. A few styles that tend to qualify: Australian shiraz, southern French and southern Italian reds, California zinfandel and pretty much any barrel-aged New World chardonnay.”

Cheers to “resourceful Canadians who have ways of coping: griping, sleeping in like grizzlies, resolving to buy jumper cables next year and packing a suitcase for Cancun & also inhale mountains of comfort food, like classic rib-sticking stews, pot pies, mac and cheese, pasta Bolognese and poutine!”


Have a wonderful walk thru your Wednesday that has you singing at the end of the day—damn, I managed!!



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