…of loonie tunes, well well well & dessert…


…”Where can the Canadian dollar go further on vacation?”…”Canada’s public servants have 15 million days in banked sick leave”…”February 3rd is National Carrot Cake Day”…

Apparently, Cambodia, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Budapest, Prague, Croatia, & Bolivia are just some of the top destinations where our currently valued loonie will be “more effective than a paper teapot.”

Cheers to happy—-“I need a vacation!”

Interesting—the well well well in the details reads: “That means the 195,330 people who are working today in the core public service — those for whom Treasury Board is the employer — have banked an average of 75 days, or 15 weeks, of sick leave to fall back on in the event of a prolonged illness.”

Cheers for ALL people that all shall be well!…

So there you have it!…..in the ‘desert’ that’s the declining Canadian dollar & the stockpiling/drying up of sick leave day funds, the ‘go for it!’, double up on the ” ss’s “ that sings —deSSert & SShouts—-CARROT CAKE!!!

Cheers to a Tuesday of terrific indulgence that smiles “do I need a vacation?”….well well well, for today I’ll settle for dessert!!!


Be well!!!


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