…of ‘weltschmerz’ & ask! imagine!…

What really thinking: weltschmerzshepherdspie

As Robbie Burns Day fast approaches on January 25th, a media article gives thoughts of Shepherd’s pie & suggests a dessert of trifle using drambuie instead of sherry!

Of course, this would just be a preamble, as ‘Burn’s night’ would not be ‘Burn’s night’ without haggis & a fine single malt.

There’s a new word to me in the news today…

WELTSCHMERZ…that’s right…w e l t s c h m e r z….

“Of German origin, unlike angst (too inward looking) or ennui (too resigned), weltschmerz spings precisely from seeing that things could and should be better!”

According to social media gurus, the good news in conjunction with ‘weltschmerz’ is humanity’s capacity to be disappointed.
Literally translated as ‘world pain’, numbness to it would be a bad thing.

So…..as #ThrowbackThursday can remind us all of some of what was & has been….
Among the disappointments, with eyes opened wide, we can see too, much of life’s goodness.

Latch on to it today!

Ask! Imagine!

What might you do today that could make things better?!…

Is your appetite for positive change laced with creativity, inventiveness & inspiration?!…

Cheers to a satiable thriving Thursday that smiles—AMELIORATE !!!



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