…of eats, meets & tweets…


A fun question for Vancouverites—what wine pairs best with Chinese food?
…a tricky question, they say, even for seasoned sommeliers!…
Something about the typical ‘take out’ or ‘eat in dishes’ smiles bold flavours of chili, ginger and soy sauce leading to the short answer being….(drum roll)…..BEER!!!

Second best for pairings, would be “a lightly sweet reisling or an off-dry gewurtzraminer, (both German whites), so say the experts.

One last tip smiles—“the whole point of take-out is that no one needs to do dishes, so use plastic cups for your favourite libations.”

For those of us that like our coffee in a mug or our tea in a teacup, we’ll stick to the wine in a glass glass & the beer in a proper stein, thank you very much!.

Salut! Prost! 乾杯 “Gan-bay!”

Does it ever cease to amaze—what you can meet up with in a day?!…


Say ‘hello’ to the new Starbuck’s cheese flavoured syrup!!!….say what?!…yes apparently it’s the latest concoction for the Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino…

On this too, I shall pass, is about all I can say….

Cheers to all we meet & greet for a fine January Thursday!!


The ‘twitterverse’ is alive and well as the phenomenon known as ‘social media’ for our generation continues to flourish.

Apparently the new @KensingtonRoyal ‘handle’, launched yesterday as the official twitter feed for the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge & Prince Harry already has over 100,000 followers.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, a stumbled upon topical interlude muse with all good wishes for a sing-like-a-songbird kinda day!!

“Tweet tweet!”


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