…of street art, modern language & watch out!…


…”Vancouver artist iHeart’s street mural ranked second most popular in world”…”Rare watch designed by Vancouver entrepreneur seconds from selling out”…

Interesting to note that, London UK’s website StreetArtNews shows a stressed-out boy holding a smartphone under an Instagram notice of no requests, friends or likes.
According to ‘iHeart’ the artist, “The mural is a sign of the times,” he feels. “We’re a digital culture. Everything we think, do or say is then posted. It’s the world we live in.”

Wednesday cheers to street art!

Tomorrow, the 130th Modern Language Association convention gets underway at Vancouver’s jewel of a convention centre! This year’s theme: Negotiating the sites of memory.

Cheers to ‘Modernist afterlives in Irish Literature’ or ‘Diffusing Memories: Writing the Past in the Present’, among many other intriguing topics!….

The single handed watch!…now that’s a new one!

“Overall, it’s the simplicity of it. The combination of a classy watch and a modern one,” says the Ferro watches entrepreneur!
Apparently the time pieces will be made in Hong Kong and feature stainless steel cases, genuine leather straps and either a Japanese automatic or Swiss quartz movement.

Whatever language you might borrow for a wonderful first Wednesday of 2015, use it artfully & remember—not yesterday or tomorrow but TODAY is your time & place!!

Seize the day!



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