…of spin, sparrows, & unmentionables…

Staying put … sparrows in February at Hoxne in Suffolk. Photograph: Graham Turner
How I gave up fine dining
LG Electronic's David VanderWall introdu

“Two load washing machines unveiled”…”How I gave up fine dining”…”

Apparently the electronics giant LG has showcased a state-of-the-art machine “that allows delicate washes to be carried out at the same time as a main load.”

Cheers to wonders of the world & unmentionables!….just sayin’….

An amusing tale of a food/restaurant critic that gave up fine dining for a week as part of some pre-New Year’s resolve, says “recent studies tell us that eating in restaurants is even more unhealthy than a fast food habit.”

By mid-week they’re “hallucinating food”. “I’m hallucinating food, and not yer fancy-schmancy restaurant food, but mature cheddar bubbling over sourdough toast, macaroni cheese, homemade sausage rolls. The hallucinations extend to my sense of smell: everything seems to be fragranced with bacon.”

May all your New Year dining habits smile—fine!

In the profundity of all things super & natural, have you ever wondered where sparrows go in winter?

That’s today’s million dollar question “on subjects ranging from flights of fancy to to profound scientific concepts”, found in the UK media.

Does anyone know how generations past seemed to refer to their underwear/delicates as ‘unmentionables’?!
Perhaps “Grandma” lived in a saner time & an essence of lavender bureau drawer should be worthy of a mention-NOT.

Wherever it is that this terrific premier Tuesday of 2015 takes you, and whatever hesitations you might have about ‘mentionings’, don’t be shy, just say it!!

Cheers to a fine day of communicating!

In the ups & downs & the over & under of life—‘beware’!

Terrific Tuesday!


May all your mentions be honourable.



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