…of ’12th’, alert & ‘stoppers’…


January 5th!

This NOT being a year of the ‘leap’ means there are 360 days left in 2015!!

It was on this day in 1066 that ‘Edward the Confessor’ died childless, sparking a succession crisis that eventually would lead to the ‘Norman conquest of England’.

Both Edward’s enthronement & funeral are depicted in the famed Bayeux Tapesty which since 1945 can be seen in Bayeux, Normandy, France.

Also today can be referred to as both the Twelfth Day of Christmas or Twelfth Night…

“A belief has arisen in modern times, in some English-speaking countries, that it is unlucky to leave Christmas decorations hanging after Twelfth Night.”

Interestingly enough, Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night, or What You Will was written to be performed as a Twelfth Night entertainment!

So there you have it! Some January 5th lore as the Western World springs back into New Year routines!

“It’s cold out there: Canada’s deep freeze makes for a treacherous Monday”.

Fortunately, not for Vancouver, where it’s rain rain rain, but for higher elevations & across BC & the country, it’s a Winter Wonderland that shouts Arctic air mass, freezing rain, power outages, wind chills, & slippery treacherous driving.

Take care folks, slow down, be alert & cautious!

“Merchants fear new BC Wine Laws will put a stopper on consumer spending”.

Apparently new regulations upcoming in 2015, will put some good wines out of reach for B.C. consumers. Under the new rules, many wines over $20 will incur price increases.

“It generally will discourage wine consumption – we are talking about probably the most civilized of beverages. You don’t have Canucks riots because of people who drink too much Chablis”, according to a Vancouver writer & consultant ‘wine Barbarian’.

Cheers to a marvellous 1st Monday 2015 that smiles—pull out all the stops!!!



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