…of skin & wear it…



Cheers to the ‘GoogleDoodle’ today that smiles CANADIAN women’s rights activist & reformer!

Henrietta Edwards—life be celebrated, joy we live!

Memorialized as part of the ‘Famous Five’ of Canadian women’s activists, she is the one holding the teacup in this statue on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill.


Kudos to all with determination, perseverance & dedication to improving humanity’s plight! Our world is a better place through their efforts. Those that have gone before us in such causes can too oft be vaguely remembered or acknowledged.

“With the help of a mouse tanning salon” researchers at UBC (University of British Columbia) have apparently accidentally stumbled upon “the secret to wrinkle-free skin”.

Something about inhibitors of a ‘Granzyme B’ enzyme & an extra-cellular matrix.

For some of us, this voyage of discovery has perhaps happened too late & we’ve missed the boat, so to speak!

Cheers to whatever the condition of your epidermis or wardrobe this fine festive season thematic Thursday—may it smile cheers that sing:


‘Tis the Thursday before Christmas–

Step out & glow!



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