…’tis the season–running, flitting/flying, arrangements…

Winter weather Dec 14th 2014
Staying put … sparrows in February at Hoxne in Suffolk. Photograph: Graham Turner

“Where do sparrows go in winter?”…”How was your weekend winter running?”…”The off-centre centrepieces that will get the dinner-table conversation flowing”…


Cheers to ‘Ikebana’…the Japanese art of flower arranging that “can provide festive sparkle with a modern feel.”

‘Tis the season indeed of arrangements for festive occasions, travel & generally feeling on the run keeping it up with it all.

Wintry weather can play a role in some of the festive friendly ‘chaos’ & excitement of the Yuletide too.

Cheers to a Winter Wonderland of Wednesday merriment!

May the ‘symmetry’ of your running, flitting/flying, arranging day smile delightfully askew!


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