…of colour & driven to abstraction…


As the supposedly 1st painter to produce purely “abstract works” is honoured in today’s google doodle, the idea of expressing emotions through colour and likening the process to the composing of music is celebrated!

Some Kadinsky works:


Interesting to note that in 1912, Kadinsky in his book, “Concerning the Spiritual in Art”, expounded that “colour can provoke a rich, sensory experience within the soul of the viewer.”

Cheers to rich sensory experiences!…

Have you ever tried to express your ideas or emotions “using colours or lines without attempting to create a realistic picture?”

That’s apparently the definition of ‘abstract art’.

If you’re like me when it comes to things visual or drawing, I wouldn’t know how or where to put the first line, yet if you put a few voices together or musical instruments collectively, it just seems innate to me how to express a myriad of emotions with range & tone & text.

“Gifts” we’re told from a very young age. We all have them in a manner of many things!

Just think of those in your midst that you admire!

The variety of talents can be astonishing!

Instinctive or learned, inherited or acquired, ingrained, cultivated, driven….

In the midst of festive season busyness, cheers to wee moments of pondering, contemplation, ruminating or musing that sings—driven to abstraction!

A festive season Tuesday!–soak it all in!


headoverheels Head over Heels-Patrice Letarnec, Paris


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