….of chorus!…


Carol singing Sportsman Inn at Lodge Moor, west of Sheffield

…”Village pubs packed with locals giving new life to traditional Yuletide songs”…

Some might quip–a “Yorkie” tale of a Yorkshire terror, but across the countryside, fueled by pints of ale, “full-throated renditions” of carols & songs of Christmases past, cherished and sung for generations are echoing among the land in truly festive season form!

Cheers to merry merriment resounds—another round!…”O tidings of comfort & joy!”…

‘Tis the week before Christmas!

That week where things wind down & wind up for people travelling to be be with family & friends for the holidays.

Exams written, papers done for secondary & university students, concerts sung, plays performed, recitals given, buffets indulged in, office deadlines met, purchases made, parcels wrapped, culinary capers exercised….the lists, checked twice, go on!…

Whatever it is your juggling this fine festive season Monday, may a smile—I’ve joined the chorus!, be your song!

Of course.

Great day all!



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