…of feelin’ it!…


“Anything but turkey: 26 ways to shake up your holiday dinners”…”What kind of tree trimmer are you?–nine new Christmas ornaments for every style”…”Learn to regulate your emotions to win like an Olympian”…

How about a pastel glass macaron Christmas tree ornament? Would that fit with your style?
Or maybe a solid walnut bauble?…


In the slim & trim of holiday dinners, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without turkey in there somewhere, at some point,…..agreed???!!…

I think we’d all agree that sometimes, emotions can get the best of us!

Do you embrace opportunities and find joy in the challenge?
Can nervousness get the best of you or does it ‘psyche you up’?

An Olympian suggests “redirecting attention, relaxation, self-talk, & imagery” can be learned strategies to regulate our own emotions!

Me thinks, all well and good, but sometimes a “let it flow! let it flow! let it flow!” to nostalgic thoughts and things that remind us of what’s truly important in life, can be enriching and get us more in touch with our own humanity.

We can tend to get on the treadmill of the motions of daily life all–too–often without pause, to our own inner being…


Yes so…, (it’s trendy to start a pronouncement with so these days!) (enragingly, so!) : )

With your ’tis the season java jolt or time-for-tea or happy hour libation, take a minute to consciously be in touch with your inner you & good or could be better, just acknowledge for yourself—

Feelin’ it!

Cheers to a keepin’ it real kinda day!


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