…of bureaucracy, weather & out-of-control…


“Internal costs at Veterans Affairs jump while death, disability funding unspent”…”Mental health patients need a spectrum of services, officials say”…”No place for torture in society”…

Is it just me, or do headlines like these not somehow scream let’s nix some of our out-of-control bureaucracies & return to a more compassionate world where care for one another is paramount?!…

Is that really too idealistic? I like to think–NOT.

Vancouver’s sudden mild temperatures (13-15C) and abundance of rain and an anticipated “king tide” for today has seen the city works department place 30,000 sandbags along a low level road near Locarno Beach to deal with anticipated flooding in the low-lying area.

Wednesday will be a day that shouts–stay dry!

Days and weeks and situations can often make it seem like things are out of control.

I have a friend that says her day to day task in her workplace is to manage the chaos!…

Cheers to a wonderful mid-week Wednesday that sings—“all is calm, all is bright!”

If all else fails, take time for tea—delight!



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