….of objects & objections…

Oliver Burkeman: socks

“Canadian Embassy in Cairo closed due to security concerns”…”How not to act old even when you are”…”A great name tells you more than just what the company does”…

All in a day’s headlines!…doesn’t that last one just kinda sorta sing—you’re the Apple of my eye?!…

Apparently “the digital evolution is upon us” and financial companies are racing to bank on biometrics that will soon see us able to “pay with our finger” and “access an ATM with our eyes.”

All in an everyday transaction!…

A bizarre question of the day in the media asks–do socks and forks have feelings?

That’s right, buying stuff, we’re told, will make us happy but they’re asking, but how happy is our stuff?!!!….

“The greatest trick consumer capitalism ever played was to convince us that buying stuff would make us happy – and then, when it didn’t, that we should buy books on getting rid of it, or storage units to keep it in, so we’d have space for new stuff to replace it.”

A Japanese author (Kondo) has written a book insisting that our belongings have feelings and deserve to be treated like living things. “You should designate a place for each possession, because “have you ever thought what it would be like to have no fixed address?” Caring for objects in this fashion “is the best way to motivate them to support you”. Sure, discard things – but say a proper goodbye first,” she says.

“Maybe we should all snap out of treating objects like people”, says the media article author. “But until then, wouldn’t it be better to do it respectfully, Kondo-style, rather than lusting after things, then kicking them out the moment they fail to thrill? (A person who behaved like that towards other people would be a slimeball.) That’s what I think, anyway. And having consulted them, I’m pleased to report that my socks agree.”

Cheers to an objective second Monday of December!

Remember, it’s festive season!

Enjoy the festivity!



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