…of Freudian slips, cookies & Hello Kitty…


As a colourful google doodle honours a stalwart in the revolution of child psychoanalysis, I’ll say no more about that in fear of making a Freudian slip, but just quip–Mom/Dad it’s all YOUR fault! : )

Clear sunny skies continue in Vancouver as a winter cold snap that sees temperatures hovering around or just above 0C keeps folks commenting “it’s so cold!.”

‘Tis the season for some that warmer climes beckon!

Wait!!!…a tale of gain insight into cookie recipes for the Christmas season suggests consulting the Globe & Mail’s website Advent cookie recipe calendar!! Do you suppose any contain dates??…..go figure!

They say it’s forty years old and worth billions but just what is it that drives people to be so crazy for the little Japanese toy–Hello Kitty?

“A level of eccentric devotion.” Apparently there are fans of every age & stripe “with an unlimited thirst for Hello Kitty related activities.”

Oh dear….even a Hello Kitty tattoo parlour!…

“The world is getting complex and hi-tech. Something as simple and low-tech as Hello Kitty seems to speak to a nostalgic impulse to get back to simpler things, simpler times. She becomes that cute, mute object that accepts you not matter what you do.”

Alrighty then, hmmmmm, if you say so!

Whatever the perplexing hi-tech complexities of your day might be……cheers to a wild and wacky Wednesday of wonderment that clears your head and whistles—



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