…of panoramic, paradox & profundity…


“New SeaBus Makes Maiden Crossing of Burrard Inlet”…”Getting upset over trivial matters?–there’s a rational explanation”…”Are some languages spoken faster than others?”…

The “Burrard Otter II” is getting rave reviews after making its first scheduled inlet crossing yesterday.

It replaces the ‘SeaBus’ that had been in service for forty years.

Best feature, they say, the giant new panoramic windows!

Cheers to wide-eyed views with each crossing sings–transit’s yours for the taking!

Apparently when truly bad things happen we have recovery mechanisms, but when the problems are smaller those mechanisms don’t work.

Such is something known as the “region-beta paradox.”

So say the psychologists–“while it’s silly to let trivialities infuriate us, the region-beta paradox reminds us that people’s distress does not obey simple rules; there’s no purely objective standard form from which it’s possible to judge anyone’s reaction.”

So easy it is to say, but more difficult to do—don’t sweat the small stuff!…

Cheers to seeing things differently!…

And another one of those profundity questions of the day in the media this morning is:

Are some languages spoken faster than others?

Is it just me or have you, like me, noticed that in media interviews, in response to a question, all too often and annoyingly an interviewee will respond—‘that’s a great question…’ and then go on to try to answer it?!!…

Back to the question!….Are some languages spoken faster than others??

Cheers to in whatever language you choose to answer, don’t be too quick to respond!!

Have a terrific Tuesday & remember:

The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer. ~Edward R. Murrow

Even a clock that does not work is right twice a day. ~Polish Proverb

Sometimes an answer not yet blowin’ in the wind is stirring in the breeze. ~Robert Brault



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