…of coffee & snaps…

Mostar phone.jpg
scene composition: litho, frame 22

“Coffee machine to be sent to space”…”Snap Happy: If you bring the right smartphone travelling, you can leave the big camera kit at home”…”

A report of “grounds control” pours out the details of a zero-gravity state-of-the-art ‘ISSpresso’ coffee machine being delivered to the International Space Station this weekend!

Astronauts there “will finally be able to enjoy a decent brew!”

If you’re like me, being a happy traveler means not being weighed down by too much ‘stuff’ to carry.

Thanks to technology, they say it’s really possible now to capture photos good enough for National Geographic with just the phone in your pocket!

Cheers to enjoy the unencumbered views!–focus focus focus on light & composition!…& snap to it!

And finally, a picture this moment,—–from coffee & photography to ‘top dunker’ ginger snaps!

A ‘how to’ article asks today’s most profound questions for your pondering:

How do you ensure that satisfying snap when you bite into them?
What do you add for that fiery sweetness?
And where should you hide the biscuit tin?

As Friday rolls into this first weekend with seemingly much about Christmas season getting into FULL swing—-

Enjoy your coffee in peace & solitude—no brewhaha!!!…

…& to whatever needs getting done this weekend…

Focus focus focus! Bite the biscuit! & snap to it!

Fine weekend!

Picture perfect!

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