…of volunteering, milk & motherlands…

Definitely a fatherland … the Brandenburg gate in Germany. Photograph: Getty Images

…”The Heaven & Hell of Volunteering”…”Should We Drink Less Milk?”…”What’s the Difference Between A Motherland & a Fatherland?”…

“Study after study” proves that volunteering can make you happier, apparently. Something about “helpers’ high” and that up to 95% of volunteers feel happier & healthier for helping out.

Indeed a fine phenomenon, and at times if the going gets tough, ‘don’t sweat the small stuff.’

Many moons ago, I read that we humans are the only species that drinks the milk of another.

A headline today asks if we should drink LESS milk and speaks of a study that reveals women who drink more than one glass a day are likely to have more bone fractures, while men who consume in excess of a glass, increase their risk of succumbing to heart disease.

Cheers to….do you enjoy steak?!….

Moving right along with some of the question profundities of the day, they say that Germany is most defintely a “fatherland”.

What say ye, about our beloved Canada??? Is it the ‘mother’ of all countries or ??….

God is walking through heaven and comes to the area of heaven where the mice are playing. God asks: “Is everything all right?” The mice say, “yes.” Again God asks: “Is there any way I can make things even better for you?” The mice think about it and say: “Well, you know that heaven is very big and we are very small. It’s hard to get places fast.” So God thinks a moment and gives them all roller skates.

A few weeks later, God is visiting the part of heaven where the cats are. God asks them: “How are things for you?” They say: “Purr-fect!” God then asks: “How could I make Heaven better for you?” And they say: “We can’t think of anything, Lord, since you sent us Meals on Wheels.”

Cheers to a fine November Monday that sees you on a roll !!!


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