…of zero tolerance & ‘give peas a chance’ !!…


As I write, Vancouver’s overnight temperature is sitting at 0 degrees celsius.

Winter cold that is nothing for other parts of the country is not something Vancouverites are used to but tolerate from time to time.
Scarves, gloves, toques, and winter overcoats will abound again today on our streets.

No need for winter boots for snow just yet, but by all accounts the snow machines are in full force 24/7 at Blackcomb/Whistler, augmenting the natural stuff for the soon to open annual ski season.

Cheers to stay warm!…


…”Five Ways to Work Optical Illusion Magic on Your Home Decor”…” ‘The uglier, the better.’ How ugly Christmas sweaters are invading sports”…”Give peas a chance!”…

In the cold of day, just a few of the more heart & hearth warming headlines of the season!…


Cheers to comfort food—old school!

Rustle up some perfect ham & pea soup!


Cheers to a thriving Thursday that sings—jolly good & ready yourselves for a frosty Friday!!!

Peace !


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