…of selfies, sandwiches & significances…


“BC woman’s squirrel selfie goes viral”…”The Sandwich is Dead! Long Live the Sandwich!”…”Reportedly 41% of Canadians… …”

Apparently a BC woman’s selfie with a squirrel has gone viral. Some might quip that’s nuts!… I’ll just say–smiles all around to internet sensations!

It seems, in these days of popular ramen & noodle joints, some say the sandwich is dead!
Others who disagree say “the perfect sandwich has to have a contrast of textures and flavours. Think crunchy toasted sourdough oozing gooey molten cheese and sharp, vinegary pickles.”

There you have it!—cheers to makin’ the daily bread & butter!

Reportedly, 41% of Canadians celebrate the attainment of a 1st driver’s license, while only 1% celebrate their engagement or betrothal. Not to mention, that in Vancouver’s last civic election less than 35% of eligible voters turned out to cast their ballots.

They say we need to take time or make time for those things that are important to us. Sometimes that’s easier said than done!

Whatever’s on your agenda for a wonderful Wednesday in November, in your pondering of this


Know that the answer is a resounding—– Y E S !!!

Make it a great day!!!


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