…of oh Canada eh & marvellous Monday…


“French President Making Historical Trip to Western Canada”…”China’s Love For Canada Cools”…”Cansplaining: Why the US media feels the need to explain Canada to Americans”…

Apparently France’s economic ties to Canada are shifting toward our western provinces. “A new era” in a great relationship, so says, the President. Talks about oil and climate change were on the agenda yesterday in postcard picture perfect Banff.

Meanwhile, talking about dim some, the light is apparently fading on China’s love for all things oilsands. Some powers that be in Beijing are doubting that “drilling into Canadian rock is worth it” with the current lows in commodity prices. The flight of capital has implications for the future that are gaining some urgency it seems…

“CANSPLAINING”.…now that’s a new word to me!…

“those revealing moments where the pundits have to explain Canada to an American audience….it involves politely informing your audience about how things work in Canada, telling them about public health care, Parliamentary democracy and poutine. Cansplaining tries to avoid condescension, although it sometimes does indulge itself in light touches of irony.”


So there you have it!

A few random thoughts for a first rate November Monday!

From yuan to wonder, is this good?, to c’est bon!, may your Monday all add up to marvellous–EH?!!!…

& just a wee Monday vignette:



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