…of emotions, even-steven & cranberries…


“CBC is our nation’s neurosis-and that’s a good thing”…”Scrumptuous images of BC’s cranberry harvest”…”We crave balance in the chaos of our lives. But is it overrated?”…

A pundit, says it this way:

“Hockey is our national game and the CBC is our national neurosis. Oh yes, it is. It has its supporters and denigrators. But what it causes conforms to the definition of neurosis – symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, obsessive behaviour and hypochondria. The hypochondria? Well, that’s when legions of people believe the country and the culture will collapse if the CBC is diminished any further.”

He sums it up saying it’s all about emotion! “The fierce neurotic grip that CBC has on the country”…

So much so that in our daily routines, (me included) the morning ritual is turn the radio on to CBC & hear the affirmation “Canada lives here.”

Cheers to embraces for our nation!…

There’s nothing quite like the drama of the autumn sky captured by BC photographer John Lehmann, annually at Richmond’s Maybog cranberry farm:


Cheers to the harvest that will enhance many a feast!


For thousands of years it’s been said that “balance has been an ideal to pursue and the irony in it is that, the harder we struggle for it, the more shaky the wire beneath us becomes, and the farther away the ground seems.”

Work-life balance, they say.

The juggling act–a competition.

“Busyness is the new social-norm that people feel they must conform to or risk being outcasts.”

Some call it “role overload”.

Another suggests, perhaps we’re most alive when we are off-balance. “Swept off our feet”, “bowled over”…

Great food for thought!

Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday–discombobulating, out of whack –NOT!!

Smooth sailing!

Yacht sea.


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