…of you!…


“Earth on pace for hottest year ever recorded”…”Apple sells record number of iPhones”…”Parenting in the age of iEverything”…

Just a few of the iCame iSaw iConquered headlines of our time!…

iKnow ain’t it the truth!!!…

From a young age we all learn about the “I, I, I” or “me, me, me” of life and that it’s not always all about us as individuals in isolation but more importantly, as part of community, be that of family & friends, colleagues & confidantes, acquaintances & people we know of but have not really come to know well.

Relationships, they say. Life is about relationships.

It never ceases to amaze me the number of people that cross life’s path that one meets and greets or listens to in some official capacity, that you just can’t help but think take note, pay attention, this is someone I admire.

Able, adventurous, amazing. brave, clever, imaginative, keen, “a natural”, mindful, motivated, outgoing, warm-hearted & well-intentioned.

To ALL we share life’s journey with, characteristically these are likely things about YOU!!!

Hey you!!!—-cheers to a terrific Tuesday!!


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