…of ‘how to’ & ‘wonder-full’ delight…

Like Sardines in a Can
Felicity Cloake's perfect flourless chocolate cake

“How to Bake the Perfect Flourless Chocolate Cake”…”How to Keep Your Brain Healthy”…

Yes, yes, that’s right. the “chocolate nemesis cake is gluten-free & good-to-go!…creamy, yet fluffy…chocolate, eggs, sugar, butter or cream & voila!…

Apparently cutting-edge neuroscience has some practical tips about “how to pass exams, remember names, & find where the hell you left your car in a crowded car park.”

“Use it or lose it” suggests that there’s no downside to sudoku, crosswords, reading, & walks and talks.” Keep the blood flowing with exercise & eating healthy will reduce neurotoxins.

Wonder if that all fits with how Grandma always used to say “eat your sardines”!?!!…

We certainly live in a society full of ‘how to’s’…

How much of that has changed through the centuries?, I wonder.

Before the proliferation of guide books & instruction manuals, were folks more on a voyage of personal discovery rather than following someone else’s recipes for this n’ that?

Is a mentality of follow the leader, limiting?…

Lead and they shall follow….should that be our way?…

No answers for today…

Cheers to a “how now brown cow” kinda Thursday.

May your vowel sounds be perfectly rounded & the “what’s next?” on your agenda give you nothing but ‘wonder-full’ delight!!!

Have your cake & eat it too!…



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