…of choices & right…




“Parliament votes to join US-led combat mission in Iraq”…”Chinese envoy questions Canada’s position on Hong Kong”…”The long & short on the stunning drop in oil prices”…

A few of the headlines of the day that beg more questions than answers!

Seems to be commonly the way!

How often do we hear it?–“the right thing to do is not always easy” or “the easiest thing to do is not always the right thing.”

Those graced with leadership positions, wrestle with decisions about “right” every day, not unlike each and everyone blessed with the task of everyday living!

Sometimes it can be as clear as black or white and at other times muddied by many factors that make it a weighing of pros & cons to determine best for the moment and hopefully also in the long wrong.

It’s been said by some that when you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that is in itself a choice.

Others acknowledge that choices can be “the hinges of destiny”.

Much has been written over the centuries about “right” thinking & “right” speech & “right” action.

Of course we know that “right” for some, may not be “right” for others.

Don’t ask me to walk across a narrow balance beam in front of hundreds of attentive eyes—it’s just NOT right!!!!!

Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday of thinking, speaking & action that sings right for you & in the wisdom of it may you find a comfortable equilibrium!

Steady now.




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