…of full moons…


As today’s google doodle celebrates the creative talents of Canadian Inuit pioneer artist Kenojuak Ashevak, congratulations are due to Vancouver Emily Carr graduate Tiziana La Mella, for winning a national painting competition with her piece “Hanging on to the part” pictured here.

“Hanging on to the part will hang with the other 14 finalists’ paintings at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art to Oct. 8 and at Art Toronto from Oct. 24-27. More than 600 artists submitted works for this year’s RBC Canadian Painting Competition. The jury was made up of Canadian artists, gallery directors and curators.”

Kudos Tiziana!…

…”The dreaded hospital gown, often imposed on patients needlessly: study”…

..more headlines of conspiracy & cover up!…

…”Few teachers to be hired in Vancouver, Surrey, despite overcrowding”…”BC Premier takes cautious stance on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong”…
…”Vancouver city council approves $30 million daycare initiative”…”Latest Skytrain breakdown caused by faulty modem”…

There you have it!—in “All in the April Evening” style some might sing–all in an October morning!

Cheers to a 1st rate first October Friday & weekend overflowing with democratic initiatives, rallying together yet not feeling overcrowded, free of breakdowns & never forgetting to cover your backside!

Note: next full moon-YVR- October 8



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